Therapy @ Animal Antiks

Being close to nature

Open Hearts, Unlock Minds and Inspire People

Farm Therapy

We provide farm therapy programs to support both schools and colleges. The farm is often an ideal solution to help provide a student with additional or alternative day care opportunities.

Gentle holistic activities of interaction with our smaller animals, grooming ponies, cuddling rabbits or petting and walking the alpacas, each provide a sense of calm and reassurance, whilst increasing self-assurance and independence.

Farm therapy helps young people to de-stress and aids anxiety, helping those experiencing the feeling of being overwhelmed, not able to attend school, or other mental health difficulties. Through farm therapy, improving and building resilience, we focus on support and encouragement to such a level which helps prepare them ready to attend education.

Each session is focussed around the enrichment elements of care and interaction with others as well as the animals, of which our young people all respond so well too.

Our focus is to provide plenty of opportunities to develop both practical and social skills, and where appropriate can help work towards increased independence with the aim of future employment or volunteering posts.

Adult Social Care

Our experienced care team creates tailored programs of support to assist adults in social care, including those coping with or struggling with all mental health issues and disabilities.

Each program will include activities focussed on small daily task achievements. Our aim is to help widen opportunities, expand experiences and provide both an enjoyable, fun and welcoming respite.

Dependent on each individuals’ capabilities we can include the certificate AQA unit award scheme.

Walk & Talk

Walking and talking is a proven source of health and wellbeing. Our weekly Walk & Talk activities support gentle exercise and social interaction. An easy light walk around the fields surrounding the farm with a group of the animals: goats, donkeys, alpacas or sheep, all of whom love a wander and the attention. Then it’s back to the yard for refreshments and a chat. A wonderful way to meet new friends, escape solitude or simply enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

No one returns without a smile on their face!