We've got to move ......

We accepted a long time ago that life is never easy and loves to present you with it's little challenges - well we're right smack bang it what probably is the biggest one we'll ever face - WE'VE GOT TO MOVE..........

After the initial shock swamped us, we undertook the mission for 48 hours like headless chickens, phones at the ready, internet searches, phoning the world and its brother frantically, bickering over which words had the biggest impact on adverts to be posted, taking advice from all angles, driving miles around the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside looking for possible locations - we do apologise to the lovely people whose smallholding we gatecrashed into in Brill, like Thema and Louise, in some desperate attempt to see if an out of date advert was still 'live', your labrador is lovely, and we promise never to come back.

A neighbour suggested we should put an advert up at Thame Market, so we spent a morning at what was to be their busiest market of the year - met some lovely people, and somehow managed to find ourselves locked in the show-ring whilst trying to find the cafe for a coffee. Once freed by some very tolerant and understanding man, I'm not sure he thought it was as funny as we did, or the fact that we were slightly hysterical expecting to be charged by a herd of cattle at any moment, we found the cafe, and have to admit at this stage, the show-ring appeared to have a more welcoming ambience about it - we paid for our coffees and grabbed a table at the end, where upon the level of conversation slowly started to increase, as did the area around us, with suspicion the local farmers appeared to find the need to sit almost on top of each other than use the tables around us, or heaven forbid even the same table - thats the point we thought we'd cut our losses and head back, although we were contacted by one kind soul from that experience, who came over to observe what we did, but unfortunately wasn't in a position to help, once he appreciated what we needed.

We were then given a name for a farm local'ish to us, that was last year being offered for rent, a shot in the dark, but we grasped it with both hands, made the phone call and went to have a look around and meet what we were warned could be "a difficult character" - difficult isn't the word we'd use, illusive we think is closer to the mark, after several weeks of trying to pin him down on a decision, we've got to wait til the spring. The location is good for us, and potentially could be fantastic, serious amounts of vision and hard work are going to be needed to achieve what we need, if we do succeed in starting negotiations again in the spring.

Then.....out of the blue one evening, we received a phone call, all very strange, there could be a purpose built facility available, can't tell us anything about it, lots of questions about the amount of land needed, nothing offered on the location other than the town, and couldn't tell us any more until after a meeting which would be held in about a months time............We are approaching a month, and whilst we have our thoughts on whereabouts of the facility, nothing has been confirmed - even though we have tried to locate information on the facility from several angles, no-one is responding, fingers crossed that we will hear more from our evening's caller early in the New Year, whilst we are all desperate to hear something next week - reality is we will have to practice a little of what we preach in the skill of patience.

In the meantime - if anyone reading this blog or knows of anyone who has a spare 20+ acres, some outbuildings, accommodation and would welcome us and our well-behaved creatures, who would enable us to continue our work with our very special group of clients and allow us to grow and reach our vision, we are happy to consider anything, references are available, for those who don't know us, we will put our heart and soul into the property and treat it with the upmost love and respect.

We will continue our fight in our normal spirited way into the New Year, mainly at this moment in time, based on winning the lottery - we are, with the help of Community Impact Bucks, getting ourselves in order, we are still searching for a super hero to donate a few spare hours of their time to face the daunting task of helping us with getting our paperwork in order for funding applications and doing the necessary "smooching" with the pursestring holders, whilst we stay knee deep in mud and whatever else, doing what we do best - working with our clients.

We wish everyone who we have met on our incredible learning curve so far,

a fantastic Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.

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