Why does life need to be so difficult ........

We like to try and keep things simple here, so why does life have this horrible habit of keep throwing curve balls at us.

As promised, we met the lovely talented (ever so slightly zany) Jennifer Sly when we ordered our Animal Antiks clothing and signage - not a difficult task you would think, a few polo shirts, hoodies and fleeces, all black with a logo on and signs. Not a chance of this going smoothly.......... We saved long and hard to get the money together to up our act and look professional, we asked for a cartoon image of Tina our alpaca, and was told "no problem, we can do that" - weeks went by, messages left, e-mails unanswered, until, patient not longer.... we called in to see how it was going to be told "Oh Ladies, your on my pile - I'll get to you soon." Brilliant, Lovely, Fab - we need them!!!!

More weeks go by, the end of the summer holidays finishes, kids go back to school, the madness of producing school clothing was over, when, we finally get an e-mail saying, we know a lovely lady called Jennifer, she'll be able to do your logo image for you, YES PLEASE!!!. A few more days pass, then a phone call, then on a sunny afternoon Jennifer walks into our life. First impressions....... She gets out of her car in sandals and is wearing a white dress......OMG, please nothing jump up at her, no-one turn our booby trapped hosepipe on, don't let her sit down anywhere - take the look of horror of my face before it gets misinterpretted - wearing white on a farm - bonkers or bonkers quite frankly. And Jennifer my lovely, I know you will appreciate this, incredibly talented, but plain bonkers - from that first meeting, you brought so much fun and laughter into our own world of madness - you got us and our beautiful creatures.

Artwork accomplished, more than we could have wished for - now back to getting our clothing produced......More weeks go by, more empty promises, finally a delivery, wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels, for the next 2 weeks, backwards and forwards with various items, website address wrong, no names on items, badly finished items, incomplete items, can't do some items - never again. For those twho know my background, I worked in print for many years, I know all the excuses, I've used all the excuses, our downfall, I felt sorry for them - I understand the pressure of juggling work and trying to keep everyone happy - I just wish I had, had some understanding clients like we were........

Our signs went up.......Then the next chapter in our lives began, the signs are now down and we're looking to move............

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