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Specifically aimed at the under 12’s year group. Encounters involve lots of hands-on fun from collecting eggs to grooming a donkey, walking a goat and feeding the pigs. If someone you know would like to be a Mini-Farmer or may simply enjoy spending time cuddling our smaller animals; ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs or even a goat, we can tailor an experience to suit. This is also a great opportunity to show your animal loving child the day-to-day needs of what’s involved with the upkeep and care of becoming an animal owner.


Mini Farmer

from £35

Additional people (spectators)


Once payment has been received, we will send a voucher which can be used if you are giving the experience as a gift. It will also be necessary to quote the voucher number when booking the actual date of the experience.

Please note that visits will continue regardless of the weather, however during adverse weather an experience encounter may have to be cancelled. We will advise at the earliest opportunity if this is the case and then we will try and re-book the experience asap.