Meet the Team..

Nick Sear or 'Farmer Nick' as he's affectionately known, keeps everyone on their toes, maintains and manages the farm, years of experience in land management and animals - and a complete natural with our young people

Bella Boo, an important member of the team and Mum to the Animal Antiks Bindies.

Titch, our naughty wiggly Jack Russell, much loved and cuddled member if the team

'The Bindies', Born September 2014, Moley, Massey, Bear, Pip, Betty, Frenchie and Connie.


Moley can often been found 'helping' around the farm.

Ben and Susie our Kunekune pigs who love to come and meet people to see what is going on

Tina, Limahl, Sumo, Cinnamon and Coconut our Alpacas, love to be fed, not so keen on being caught to go for a walk - but working on it.

Molly, Dumb and Dumber plus Luna and Dobbie our friendly and cheeky pygmy goats, like nothing more than a cuddle and a scratch - also professionals over an obstacle course.                                

Brian & Jakey-Peg our 2 boy sheep - both love cuddles and fuss. Jakey-Peg has an injured leg

Ricky, Woody, Topper, Albert & Alfie, our miniature ponies, happy to be groomed, cuddled and taken for a walk.  


Ricky's blue eyes are always a winner and Topper's disability doesn't stop him from keeping the others in line.

Jazz, our very own moody mare, can often be found pulling faces at us, but loves our clients and will look after them when working.

Smiley Miley, always getting dirty and enjoys the attention of a bath and a groom. Love mints and can sniff out polos anywhere.

Digby, our gentle giant, going through his horsey teenage years, loves his stable and parsnips.

And finally, our girlies, no farm is complete without chickens, and everyone wants to collect the eggs.

Petunia our 1 legged chicken is a true star.


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