The Country Club

The Country Club is a new initiative

Open Hearts, Unlock Minds and Inspire People

Country Club

The Country Club is a new initiative we have introduced to support older adults in our community. Anyone facing mental health issues, deteriorating physical health, finding themselves isolated or experiencing a change in social circumstances. Our aim is to create a welcoming environment where everyone can benefit from coming together, making friends, sharing activities and enjoying the countryside.

The farm provides an ideal setting with wonderful open green spaces, perfect for gentle exercise and a chance to appreciate the great outdoors. Taking that first step to add variety to life and experience something new encourages a positive impact on physical health and mental wellbeing.

We offer an alternative to a day care centre for those who prefer to be outside, a respite for family carers and an opportunity to make new friends.

Who is the club for?

If you have a love of being outdoors, would like to use past skills or develop new ones, then our garden and farm will provide you with a huge choice of activities. A set of willing hands to help support projects throughout the woodshed, farm and garden is a confidence giver, esteem enhancer and rewarding experience for a job well done. (Whilst being fun at the same time of course!).

Our Country Club enables people to feel part of a team again, sharing skills and experiences with others, and generally having someone to chat with as well as someone willing to listen. Projects can cover a wide spectrum from making birdboxes and planters, to walking an alpaca or helping in the fields with conservation and habitat renewal.

Whatever your interests we would love you to join us and share a fun experience with like-minded people.



Join us

Our club runs every Thursday afternoon 1pm – 3pm year-round, with the community bus collecting and dropping off at various locations. 

If you would like to find out more or just come for an initial chat, cuppa and visit with us please do call or drop us a line to arrange.