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From Animal tea parties through to Volunteer days, Family Farm Tours and Open Days for you all to come and visit us, we love an event as much as our animals do. We will keep you all updated with any new events in our calendar as Spring approaches but do subscribe to our Newsletter for regular dates to all to your diary.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nowadays businesses generally adhere to a variety of CSR commitments to not only improve brand image but also to promote to customers and client’s evidence of its social responsibility. Promoting achievements and directives across social media, your website and presentations is generally viewed in and responded to in a very positive way. Its good to be seen and talked about as a socially committed, sustainable and moral business. Not only does this feel-good reputation help client’s decisions to do business with you but also benefits your employees. Morale tends to be substantially higher in companies that invest clear effort or resources into ethical and socially responsible practices.

We offer a variety of CSR opportunities, aimed at businesses who want to pursue pro-social responsibility objectives. From treeline regeneration to barn re-building, we can provide both environmental and conservation projects tailored to your aims. Out farm and surrounding land need constant maintenance, rebuilding, refurbishing, regeneration of natural habitat and so provides endless opportunities to actively be involved as a group, management team, department or organisation.

From promoting volunteering amongst company employees through to CSR dedicated team days and complete dedicated project undertakings.

We welcome all contributions both in time or donations.
Please contact us to find out more.

Team Building

Teambuilding in a farm environment offers a wide variety of fun activities for any sized group. Challenging elements are combined with entertaining activities promoting leadership and group working, all with sustainability issues at its heart. Taking team members out of their comfort zones and office environments provides an energetic yet rewarding experience. Handling and interacting with our animals on a tailored program to suit your aims followed by BBQ lunch in a beautiful countryside setting. Team overalls with your company logo on will be provided.


We offer a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities around the farm, all of which contribute to our work with our young people and the welfare of our expanding team of animals and facilities.

Animal Pen/field – Add your name, give a gift of sponsorship or a corporate offering to one of our animal pens or fields. Arrange a visit to see your who is in your pen on an allotted day or walk an animal around your sponsored field.

Maternity Corner – We expect the new arrival of little hooves around the farm frequently so our maternity corner is often occupied. Why not add your name to our corner and come along to help bottle feed our lambs or baby goats and see our new arrivals?

Woodworking Barn – A real hive of activity with our young people learning new skills and our older gentlemen from our Country Club passing on their knowledge, socialising and making wonderful bird houses and planters. New tools and materials are always needed so all sponsorship to support our barn elements would be so appreciated.

Indoor Animal Therapy Arena – A key hub to our animal encounters and animal welfare teaching. Everyone will spend time in this area learning new skills and animal care. An ideal place to get your name seen by all.

Alpaca Walks – We run weekly Alpaca walks for local communities, animal experiences and animal therapy. Promoting your support of an Alpaca walk is a wonderful way to support our work. Why not also book to bring a team from your workplace or group of friends for a fun experience.

Product Sponsorship  – WWe have endless products to help us both with teaching aids and also for looking after all our animals, from buckets to overalls, from hen houses to field mats. If you would like to look at a tailored sponsor package, we will be delighted to make some suggestions.