About Animal Antiks

Combining animals, people and nature

Open Hearts, Unlock Minds and Inspire People

What We Do

Our charity is all about combining animals, people and nature, learning respect, care and compassion in each element of our daily tasks. We treat every person and their needs individually and aim to inspire and encourage their best qualities whilst supporting difficulties and teaching boundaries to enhance their life skills. Animals provide a great way to break down barriers and provide structure to daily activities, they are rewarding and unconditional with their love – an environment in which our young people thrive.

Mental Health

Everyone at some stage of life will experience mental health issues, from depression to lack of confidence or anxieties which can escalate and spiral. Animal Antiks is a safe haven filled with a supportive caring team who understand the enormities of mental health issues. No one is judged, everyone is encouraged with gentleness and support, whilst boundaries are set for expectations to be exceeded. We provide one-to-one help and small group interactions in a busy environment where everyone is important and their skills recognised and expanded.